Introducing Civic Tech Voices

Published on Nov 24, 2014 by Cathy Deng

Nowadays, more and more folks are paying attention to civic tech, seeing potential at the intersection of civics & all things digital. However, ‘civic tech’ is tough to define - it can mean different things to different people of different backgrounds. This multiplicity is exciting.

Civic Tech Voices is a collaborative blogging experiment, of sorts, with the goal of amplifying more diverse perspectives & stories in civic tech.

This means that folks who don’t already blog & folks in under-represented groups are especially encouraged to contribute!

Have thoughts on civics? on access? on the distribution of power in society?
Have stories of writing FOIA requests? of breaking down bureaucracy? of learning something new?
Have expertise in community organizing? in design? in wrangling data?

Shoot me an email ( & let’s share what you have to say!

About the author

Cathy Deng

Cathy Deng
Cathy Deng loves information design, running, greyhounds, makin' stuff, math, & brevity. She works at DataMade, where she play with code & data on civic-minded projects.