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#28 Data Potluck #4

Joint meeting with Data Potluck #4 - The Tribune Crime App, Amazing Student Data, and Root Veggies.

App Development: Communicating Neighborhood Crime

We’re very excited to have David Eads and Joe Germuska (see bios below) from the Chicago Tribune who will talk about the genesis of their new crime site Crime in Chicago, the methods of analysis, how they build their web site, and where they want to take it in the future;

Non-Profit Project Data Work

Jason Almergi is joining us from Flint, Michigan to talk about the amazing community and student survey data set that he has constructed over the last several years. He is looking for analysts to partner with, and invites us to: “Learn about an 8-year longitudinal study in one of the nations most violent communities - Flint, Michigan. This study connects school datasets with a 205 item survey on the health, safety, nutrition and out-of-school time activities of 8,000 4th to 8th grade students across 100 schools.”

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