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#137 Woodstock Institute Map and Data Compendium

Katie Buitrago and Julianna Nunez from Woodstock Institute will demo two recently launched tools to help understand economic trends throughout the state of Illinois:

  • Interactive map - a MapBox/TileMill-powered site that shows geographic patterns of employment, foreclosures, and more.
  • Data compendium - a CKAN site with dozens of datasets assembled by the former Metro Chicago Information Center (MCIC) and Woodstock Institute.

Some of their data include:

  • Poverty levels
  • Average loan values for mortgages
  • Changes in long-term vacancies
  • Employment rates
  • The amount of foreclosure filings

Read Katie’s blog post on this presentation: How Data Can Advance Economic Justice.

We’re moving to Braintree next week!

This will be the last Chi Hack Night at 1871. Starting on January 13, 2015 the Chi Hack Night will be hosted at the Braintree office on the 8th floor of the Merchandise mart.

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