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#143 Hive Chicago

Robert Friedman and Kyla Williams will talk about Hive Chicago, a local chapter of the Hive Learning Network.

The goal of the Hive Learning Network is to motivate, inspire and support Connected Learning experiences, an educational approach designed to make learning relevant to all populations, to real life and real work, and to the realities of the digital age, where the demand for learning never stops.

Over the last five years, the local network Hive Chicago has grown to 57 local member organizations across the city of Chicago, including Smart Chicago Collaborative, Blue 1647, Civic Artworks (previously), and Open Books and have worked with thousands of middle and high school-aged youth.

Kyla will talk about the Time to Tech, #CivicSummer, and the Hive Mapping Cooperative projects, and how the civic tech community can get involved.

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