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#181 Cryptoparty: Digital Security for Everyone

Cryptoparty: Digital Security for Everyone

Let’s talk data security! As builders and users of technology, it’s important for the Chi Hack Night community to understand the methods in which we can secure our data, and that of our users.

Jennifer Helsby from Cryptoparty Chicago will talk about her work in hosting Cryptoparties - free events to teach people activists, lawyers, journalists, and everyday people how to use privacy tools to secure their data.

Jennifer will talk about why understanding digital security is so important, what goes on at a digital security training, and where to begin when thinking about privacy issues.

Bonus After her talk, Jennifer will hold a cryptoparty at Chi Hack Night!

Bring snacks! If you’re looking for a new way to contribute to our group, feel free to bring snacks to share! Snack providers will receive hugs and stickers!

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