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#188 Introducing Open Grid

Tom Schenk, Jr and Daniel X. O’Neil will debut a new project by the City of Chicago called OpenGrid — an open-source, next generation version of WindyGrid — that will allow the public to navigate Chicago’s open data in a more intuitive interface.

Data portals organize data by individual datasets, making it difficult to combine data and see what is happening in your neighborhood. OpenGrid is a public website using data from the City of Chicago Data Portal — via the project — to let users search for events happening around them in user-defined areas or based on the user’s location.

Leadership Council #20

We will have our 20th Chi Hack Night Leadership Council at 8pm after the group breakouts get started. This meeting is for discussing new ideas and ways to make the hack night better. Anyone is welcome to join!

If you’d like to bring up a topic, add it to the Leadership Council agenda.

Agenda and meeting notes
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