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#198 Heartland Alliance

Our Sea of Data: Moving from Treading Water to Charting a New Course

With 5 companies, upwards of 110 programs, nearly 115 data systems, in more than a dozen countries around the globe, Heartland Alliance is simultaneously a research gold mine and a data nightmare.

Patricio Cadena, Senior Director of Information Technology and Amy Terpstra, Director of Research will talk about their vision for transforming Heartland Alliance into a hub of data- and research-informed innovation for ending poverty.

They’ll discuss their ideas around developing a cohesive results framework and implementing robust tech solutions–and what about all this keeps them up at night and keeps them pushing forward.

Chi Hack Night #200: Call for speakers and writers!

April 12, 2016 will mark the 200th episode of Chi Hack Night. To celebrate this day, we want to hear from you, the members of Chi Hack Night, about what you’ve done with or learned from this group. You can participate in two ways: by doing a lightning talk or writing a blog post. Read more »

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