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#200 200th Event Celebration!

200th Event Celebration!

Update! Check out the Tales from #200 blog post recapping this event.

Happy Birthday Chi Hack Night! This night marks our 200th event to build, share and learn about civic tech!

To celebrate this day, we will hear from 9 members of Chi Hack Night about what they’ve done at or learned from our group. Each presenter gets 2 minutes!

The presenters are:

  1. The Pension Project - Surprising Lessons in Civics
    Ben Galewsky

  2. The story of one, really big, vacant, city owned lot
    Eric van Zanten

  3. Microsoft Civic Tech: No Shills Allowed!
    Kevin Wei

  4. What does it mean to leave ego out of it?
    Kristi Leach

  5. The City Is Your Classroom
    Vinesh Kannan

  6. My Building Doesn't Recycle: The Odyssey
    Claire Micklin

  7. Guerrilla Marketing for Civic Tech Projects
    Joel D. Inwood

  8. Code Clinic Lessons Learned
    Rene M Paccha

  9. How to avoid apps
    Cathy Deng

Potluck style! If you’d like to bring drinks, snacks, desserts, or celebration accessories, fill out your name and what you’re bringing here. We’ll provide empanadas and celebratory cookies.

Blog posts! We’ve also invited folks to share their Chi Hack Night stories, projects, learnings and congratulations in written form. We’ll be posting these on our blog over the next several days.

Swag Help support and promote Chi Hack Night by buying one of our t-shirts ($15) or coffee mugs ($10). Just ask Derek!

Come celebrate, eat, build, share, and learn with us!

Agenda and meeting notes
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