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#204 Citizens Police Data Project

After a decade-long legal battle, records of police misconduct in Chicago are now public information.

For the past six months, the Invisible Institute has been building a set of publicly useful interfaces to these data called the Citizens Police Data Project, and working with investigative reporters to tell the stories contained within.

Rajiv Sinclair and Chaclyn Hunt will discuss the work they’ve done so far, the challenges they’ve faced, and the new questions that they’re now focused on.

On the Table: What can civic technology do for Chicago?

For the Chicago Community Trust’s On the Table event, Derek Eder and Robert Friedman will host a discussion as a Chi Hack Night breakout group. Anyone is welcome to join! We’ll be covering the following questions:

  • How can civic technology improve the political process, accountability and transparency? Is open data enough?
  • How can data and technology be used to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged Chicagoans? Who are we building our civic apps with?
  • How do we influence the creation of fair and ethical policies around the collection and protection of personal data?

Agenda and meeting notes
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