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#228 Cook County Board of Review - Digital Appeals Processing

This week, we’ll hear a lesser-known, but critical government agency and how they’ve used technology to improve their processes.

The Cook County Board of Review allows residential and commercial property owners to contest an assessment made by the Cook County Assessor that they believe incorrect or unjust. Before 2011, all Cook County Board of Review assessment appeals (typically over 400,000 in a given year) were filed and processed on paper through an arcane, confusing and opaque system.

In the 2015-2016 session the Board introduced the Digital Appeals Processing System (DAPS) a nationally recognized innovative enterprise content management system, which has changed the way assessment appeals are processed in the County.

Commissioner Michael Cabonargi and Deputy Commissioner James Thompson will discuss how the new system has increased transparency, created better efficiencies and dramatically improved access to the appeal process. Because of these improvements the Board is demonstrating how to build public trust through the use of technology.

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