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#233 Computer Science For All, A Love Story With Data

Why don’t school reform programs always achieve on their promises? How can youth-led user experience research help out?

Chicago Public Schools have an exciting opportunity–to make Chicago the first large, urban district with universal computer science education access. But the trick is in implementation. High levels of turnover and time crunches make it tricky to deliver high-quality programs. Moreover, students don’t always have a way to share what they are interested in.

This Fall, Mikva Challenge and Mumkin Studio brought four Chicago Public High School students to Chi Hack Night to design, implement, and evaluate user experience for the Chi Hack Night project Edumap, a tool for finding computer science curriculum to assist with Chicago Public Schools Computer Science for All (CS4All) initiative.

Mikva Civic Tech Interns Pedro Garcia, Daniel Kolade, Marshall Nakamura and Jessica De Jesus will share their experience and findings.

Leadership Council #31

We will have our 31st Chi Hack Night Leadership Council at 8pm after the group breakouts get started. This meeting is for discussing new ideas and ways to make the hack night better. Anyone is welcome to join!

If you’d like to bring up a topic, add it to the Leadership Council agenda.

Agenda and meeting notes
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