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#256 Sex, Gender and Innovation Gaps in Data and Design for Healthcare

Hindsight has it’s benefits. Today’s innovation and research communities are recognizing that the approaches to designing drugs devices and treatment have to change. They way most innovation have come to be excludes the personalized and individualized variables which play out differently based on sex and gender.

If we truly want better outcomes in our physical and economic health, we need to start with collecting the right data across diverse populations and diverse healthcare situations.

Dima Elissa, CEO of VisMed 3D, shares her learning about the real world impact the lack of patient specific data has in healthcare innovation and how we can change the landscape.

Leadership Council #36

We will have our 36th Chi Hack Night Leadership Council at 8pm after the group breakouts get started. This meeting is for discussing new ideas and ways to make the hack night better. Anyone is welcome to join!

If you’d like to bring up a topic, add it to the Leadership Council agenda.

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