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#278 Assessing Chicago’s Large Lot Program

What has been the effect of Large Lot program on Chicago’s neighborhoods and residents?

Established in 2014, the City of Chicago’s Large Lot Program enables the purchase vacant lots for $1 each by residents who own property on the same block. Now in it 3rd year, the program has enabled the sale of 544 properties, with 1,000 more sales pending.

Act 1: Origins and rollout of the policy

Demond Drummer from CoderSpace and Jeanne Chandler from the City of Chicago will talk about the origins and goals of the Large Lot policy, program and website and provide an update on the status of the program.

Act 2: Assessing the impact

What benefits and costs do these lots have for new owners and nearby neighbors? What physical changes are made to the lots as a result of purchase and how does lot condition and level of care change over time?

To answer these questions, Paul Gobster from the USDA Forest Service and William Stewart from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have been conducting research on two areas on the South and West sides of the city with high rates of land vacancy: Greater Englewood and East Garfield Park.

Paul and William will discuss the research they have been conducting to collect social and environmental data on properties purchased under the program in these two areas and track the changes over time.

ASL This event will have an American Sign Language interpreter.

Food Food and drinks will be provided. We encourage attendees to bring their own water bottles to reduce waste.

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