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#302 Data-driven criminalization: The case of Chicago's gang database

In February 2018, the Policing in Chicago Research Group at the University of Illinois Chicago released Tracked and Targeted, a comprehensive report detailing preliminary findings about Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) gang database.

The report comes in coordination with a recent grassroots campaign to Defy, Defend, and Expand Sanctuary for immigrants and U.S.-born Chicagoans affected by racialized policing. After years of obscure data collection, surveillance, and predictive policing of thousands of alleged gang-affiliated individuals the campaign and this supporting research has helped illuminate how CPD’s gang database exemplifies data-driven criminalization and violates the civil rights of many Black, Hispanic, and immigrant residents.

Researcher-organizer and the report’s lead author, Janae Bonsu will present what we know about the database, its impact, and the work behind the campaign to put an end to it.

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