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#309 Taking an Assets-based Approach to Designing Technology with Resource-Constrained Communities

Neighborhoods play a critical role in the social and economic outcome of their residents. Particularly for resource-constrained neighborhoods that face issues such as poverty, unemployment, crime, lack of educational opportunities, and inadequate housing, it is essential to identify and address issues that contribute to decline as evidenced by a lack of public revitalization efforts, local resources, and private investments.

As tech designers, it is common to approach work in resource-constrained communities with a deficit view, leading to simplistic and stigmatizing descriptions of these communities that often minimize or ignore institutional infrastructures that breed inequity.

Sheena Erete, Assistant Professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University will discuss how she designs with residents in resourced- constrained communities by focusing on their assets, specifically the human, environmental, social, and economic capital that can be leveraged in design. In her talk, she will discuss how we can identify and leverage local assets in resourced-constrained communities when designing technologies, practices, and policies.

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