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#322 Bike Lane Uprising - One Year of Data Insights

Two years ago Christina Whitehouse, founder of Bike Lane Uprising, was almost run over by a commercial truck. The driver right hooked her while she was stopped in a bike lane waiting for the red light to change. To keep from going under the back wheels of the truck, she had to push herself off its side. Two weeks later, a Chicago cyclist was killed in an incredibly similar situation.

While the driver of the truck that almost ran her over had probably forgotten about her, the incident made an impact. When she returned to school the next fall, a fellow Northwestern University student was killed next to the building she attended classes in. She passed by that student’s Ghost Bike for the next year. And for that next year, she realized how pervasive the issue of bike lane obstructions are. She also realized how fragmented the ecosystem is to resolve them.

Last year, after graduation, Christina found herself looking for something to fill her newfound “spare time” and started Bike Lane Uprising. While it’s only been a year since she kicked off researching the project, it’s gained a surprising amount of traction including local and national media coverage. Christina will share her experience with Bike Lane Uprising over the last year and where she plans to take it next.

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