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#400 CHN 400: Actions Towards Racial Justice

CHN 400: Actions Towards Racial Justice

Please note: Chi Hack Night has a new start time: 7pm Chicago time.

Join us for the 400th episode of Chi Hack Night!

We approach our 8th year as a formalized gathering (now a non-profit!) with our nation in the grip of several crises: the continued police killings of black Americans and the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic devastation.

While our community has much to celebrate at this important milestone, we are choosing to forgo our typical revelry and instead focus on actions we can take to help. For our 400th episode, we will gather via Zoom call to discuss constructive ways our community can support efforts to end racial injustice.

The format for this discussion is going to look a little different than discussions Chi Hack Night has done in the past, and we want to make sure you can be prepared and know what to expect.

For a large portion of the discussion, we will be splitting up into affinity groups. You can read more about what affinity groups are in this context and why that is important here. The process we’ll be following for this is described in our agenda.

We’d encourage you to familiarize yourself with these 15 characteristics of white supremacy culture. We will be using them to help guide discussion to help identify these patterns in our lives.

We want to be clear that the primary focus of this time will be to process how we are all feeling. We do not expect to begin and end this discussion in a single conversation, and we are not going to leave this conversation with all the answers.

But it is important that we take this moment to have these conversations intentionally, and it is incumbent for those of us who benefit from our whiteness to take this work on ourselves while still providing a space for BIPOC to have fellowship.

Afterwards, we’ll come back together and share out what each group discussed and identify next steps that we can take as a community.

Zoom call details
Meeting ID: 982 0215 2788
Password will be shared over email and slack. Join our Slack channel

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.