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#408 Tracking COVID-19 in Illinois from the spread to reopening policies


Asraa Mustufa, Chicago Reporter editor
David Eads, Former Chicago Reporter editor
Paula Friedrich, WBEZ producer

Since the beginning of the pandemic, The Chicago Reporter and WBEZ have been collaborating to build tools and graphics to help everyday Illinoisans navigate the crisis and understand how COVID-19 is affecting their communities. Through reporting-driven design and development, we’ve published a range of editorial products, from tools that allow Illinoisans to track cases in their own ZIP code to trackers that break down evolving reopening plans, that have reached more 1 million users in just over four months.

Chicago Reporter editor Asraa Mustufa, former Chicago Reporter editor David Eads and WBEZ producer Paula Friedrich will walk through how these tools were made and share lessons learned from our collaborative effort to meet critical information needs in a rapidly changing environment.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.