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#416 Exploring Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring in the Great Lakes


Max Herzog, Program Manager, Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA)
Tim Kearns, Chief Information Officer, Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS)
Svetlana Taylor, Technical Program Director, Current

Current, Chicago’s water innovation hub, is very excited to partner with Chi Hack Night, GLOS and CWA for this discussion, which will be part of their larger Chicago Water Week occasion (9/28-10/2). Current will kick-off the evening by briefly updating the group on its H2NOW Chicago project that will measure microbial pollution levels in the Chicago River in real-time within a year. They’ll then provide an overview of the existing water quality monitoring efforts in Lake Michigan, segueing into the inspiring work of GLOS and CWA to explore how Chicagoans might be able to access and utilize real-time water quality data for their beloved Great Lake in the near-future.

GLOS is responsible for the collection, management, and sharing of lake and watershed data among a wide range of constituents. CWA is a collection of forward-thinking research institutions, industry leaders, environmental organizations, and public utilities that drives water technology innovation across the Lake Erie Basin. Since the concept of Smart Lake Erie was initiated by CWA in 2017, the two organizations have partnered together on many initiatives to support and promote Smart Great Lakes in the region. To adequately support the scale of this information ecosystem, GLOS has embarked on an ambitious development plan to build a technology platform that provides access to smart sensor deployment, data collection, harvesting, processing and dissemination, and drives the data to information transformation processes. CWA and GLOS are happy to share their mutual experiences in hopes that they can benefit individuals, organizations and agencies by giving them open access to data, technology and information that supports better decision making around the region’s most valuable natural resource.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.