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#425 COVID-19 and Chicago’s Homeless


Laura Michalski, Executive Director

North Side Housing and Supportive Services has been serving men and women experiencing homelessness since 1983. Dedicated to ending and preventing homelessness, NSHSS provides a wide array of services. North Side Housing is committed to assisting over 700 clients each year in becoming and remaining stably housed, healthy, and employed. Their dedicated staff have expertise in serving Chicago’s most vulnerable. North Side Housing strives to eradicate economic inequality, lack of mental health and medical treatment, and racial injustice, which cause, contribute to and exacerbate homelessness.

When the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives and the way society operates, NSHSS took swift and decisive measures. They implemented a COVID Response and Management Plan in accordance with CDC and IDPH guidelines which included decompressing their shelter, provided on-site screenings and testing, increased access to PPE and more.

COVID-19 is a human crisis that does not discriminate. However, we do know that it adds an unparalleled level of difficulty for individuals experiencing homelessness, who are at a higher risk and particularly susceptible to its devastating health and economic implications. We are one community, whether housed or homeless. NSHSS’ priority is the wellbeing, health, and safety of their participants and staff. It is their responsibility to limit the transmission of COVID-19 and ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community are able to shelter in place safely, have access to medical care, and food. Tonight North Side Housing will share with you the approach they’ve used to minimize their COVID-19 numbers, while still giving their clients access to the essential services that we all need.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.