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#444 Transforming access to benefits during the pandemic


Zareena Meyn, Executive Director, she/hers
Dize Hacioglu, CTO, she/hers

In 2014, two newly-minted coders attended a Chi Hack Night presentation about the dismal access to social services for struggling families who didn’t know they qualified for relief programs. 7 years later, the organization they co-built to address this gap has served over 1,000,000 families and unlocked over $375 million in food stamp benefits.

mRelief’s product and team have grown since the last time the co-founders, Rose Afriyie and Genevieve Nielsen, presented at Chi Hack Night. In this presentation, Zareena and Dize will talk about how and why mRelief has expanded beyond building eligibility screeners to creating accessible and mobile-friendly applications for SNAP. They will discuss the current landscape of SNAP access and the importance of technology in social service delivery.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.