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#449 Open Government: Chicago Style, Budget, Campaign Finance and Q&A


Alderperson Andre Vasquez

Join us for this week’s presentation on Zoom at 7pm

Since taking office, Alderperson Andre Vasquez has been a fierce advocate for city modernization. Seeing the boxes of old paperwork, after a decade of working at a Global Telecommunications company, has motivated him further to identify ways to bring transparency in an efficient manner to our city.

For the Hack Night Discussion, Alderperson Vasquez, joined by Geoffrey Cubbage, his Director of Policy, will be discussing a budget tool they are working on in advance of this year’s vote, so as to better get input from his colleagues so that there can be some consensus on budget reprioritization.

Alderperson Vasquez also will be discussing his need for a more transparent campaign finance tracker so that he can more effectively communicate what donations he receives, who he receives them from, and how he avoids conflicts of interest in his fundraising.

Finally, the Alderperson wants to open up the conversation to a full Q&A about any and all things related to Chicago government, whether it’s Public Safety, Affordable Housing, Reimagining the Public Way, and more!

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.