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#450 Chicago Cityscape


Steven Vance, founder and CEO (he/him)
Casey Smagala, business development manager (he/him)

Chicago Cityscape is a real estate information platform designed to spark and inspire more equitable development in overlooked and underinvested neighborhoods by organizing and aggregating property data, policy information, and market insights into one platform – equalizing access to information for underrepresented and resourced property professional and nonprofit organizations.

Seven years after it was founded, Chicago Cityscape has its first full-time employee and it just received a one-year capacity building grant from Searle Funds, by way of the Chicago Community Trust. With these funds we will work alongside emerging developers and housing organizations to leverage our current tools on the Cityscape platform to close the opportunity gap and increase equitable outcomes. We will learn from them and co-design solutions that help meet their missions, and reduce barriers to access data and technology in the community development process.

Steven Vance, founder and CEO of Chicago Cityscape, will describe the history and use of the platform, explain who the members are, and explore some of the additions to the platform that help with the revised mission. Casey Smagala will review the goals of the grant program, and offer a call to action to help us embark on the program to find focus organizations and individuals to interview with whom we will co-design new data and technology solutions.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.