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#452 Committee on Public Safety: 20-year Analysis


Tracy Siska, Executive Director (he/him)
Lauren Cole, Public Policy Research Intern (she/her)

The Chicago Justice Project is an independent organization with the core mission of increasing public access to justice-related information. It envisions local justice systems around the country empowering community members to become co-creators of safety and justice through data transparency.

Tracy Siska, Executive Director of CJP, and Lauren Cole, Research Intern, will discuss the recently published report on the Committee on Public Safety. The report aims to understand how the committee has used its regulatory powers over Chicago’s policing structures. The results show that levels of meaningful oversight by the Committee remain relatively low and stagnant over the last 20 years in the wake of corruption scandals, incidents of brutality, and misconduct by CPD officers. CJP believes that with changes to the City Council and more community involvement, meaningful action is possible.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.