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#490 Meera Raja, CUTgroup Chicago: a reflection


Meera Raja; she/her; P33 Chicago; Vice President, Deep Tech

The Civic User Testing group, also known as CUTgroup, originated in Chicago to enable residents to give valuable input throughout the technology discovery and development process, allowing them to have a voice in and access to emerging technology. CUTgroup’s model, developed by Daniel X. O’Neil and the Smart Chicago Collaborative, combines User Experience (UX) testing, civic engagement, and digital skills training to provide a unique perspective for technological solutions.

Chicago’s CUTgroup was most recently led by City Tech Collaborative, following a merger between City Digital and the Smart Chicago Collaborative in 2017. When City Tech closed its doors at the end of 2021, they closed this chapter of CUTgroup and created an open source toolkit for others to utilize in their own Civic User Testing programs.

In this presentation, you will hear Meera Raja, who led City Tech’s resident engagement work, speak about City Tech’s approach to CUTgroup and reflect on some of their best practices and lessons learned.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.