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#495 Chicago's Climate Action Plan


Sustainability Team in the Office of the Mayor
Kyra Woods (she/her)
Gaby Wagener-Sobrero (she/her)
Gavin Taves (he/him)

Exercising transparency while working through the C.R.U.D.

Chicago’s new climate goals set a course to reduce the city’s carbons emissions 62% by 2040. Anchored in values of economic inclusion and savings, pollution burden reduction, and equitable access to critical infrastructure and community health and resilience, the 2022 Climate Action Plan (CAP) prioritizes delivering meaningful community benefits and system improvements as the City continues to lead on climate.

The 2022 CAP comes at a time when greater attention toward racial and economic justice calls for more inclusive planning and implementation. How can governments exercise transparency and accessibility using databases or other systems for complex issues such as equitable climate action?

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.