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#500 In-person and Online: The 500th Chi Hack Night!


Eric Sherman (he/him)
Kyla Williams Tate (she/her)
Derek Eder (he/him)
Emily Drevets-Larson (she/her)
Michael Chladek (he/him)
Laurie Merrell (she/her)
Nick Lucius (he/him)

July 12, 2022 marked the 500th episode of Chi Hack Night. That’s 10 years!

For this very special in-person hack night we featured 7 lightning talks answering the question ‘how has Chi Hack Night impacted you or your organization?’ You can watch each of them here:

  1. Eric Sherman - How I Chi Hacked My Life
  2. Kyla Williams Tate - Civic Leadership Springboard (pre-recorded)
  3. Derek Eder - Decarb My State
  4. Emily Drevets-Larson - Start where you are
  5. Michael Chladek - Chicago Media Justice
  6. Laurie Merrell - The #jobs Channel & Me: How CHN facilitated my career switch into (civic) tech
  7. Nick Lucius - From Lawyer to Chicago’s CTO (pre-recorded)

There was also:

  • tacos!
  • cupcakes!
  • a photo booth!
  • friends!
  • and, of course, civic hacking fun for all!

This event will be in person, but you can also tune in via our usual livestream. Doors open at 6pm. The livestream and announcements will start around 6:30pm CDT.

In-person: TeamWorking, 20 N Upper Wacker Drive, 12th Floor, Chicago IL. Enter the Civic Opera Building using the entrance in the middle of the block between Washington and Madison streets. Take the elevators to the 12th floor.

For more information on our return to in-person events, please see our return to in person blog post.

RSVP In-person attendees should RSVP beforehand. As occupancy limits permit, walk-ins will be allowed to enter.

Vaccination required In order to keep attendees safe, we will be requiring proof of vaccination at the door. A physical vaccine cards or picture of one will be accepted. If you are not vaccinated, you can tune in to the livestream.

Masks required Attendees will be required to wear a mask. We will provide additional masks if you forget yours.

There will be food! We will be serving chicken, chicken, steak and veggie tacos from Atolito’s Tacos!

ASL This event will have an American Sign Language interpreter.

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