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#503 Online: ChiVes - Harmonizing Environmental Data & Partnerships for Resilient Futures


Marynia Kolak (she/they), Director, Healthy Regions & Policies Lab, UChicago/UIUC
Dylan Halpern (he/him), Sr. Software Engineer, Healthy Regions & Policies Lab, UChicago
Susan Paykin (she/her), Research Manager, Healthy Regions & Policies Lab, UChicago

ChiVes is a data collaborative and community mapping application that brings data on Chicago’s environment together at the neighborhood level. It’s a partnership of researchers, community organizations, and civic groups.

Chicago’s urban environment has profound impacts on the health of communities and individuals. A handful of key metrics―greenness, biodiversity, air pollution, heat, and social vulnerability ― help to reveal where in the city people face particular challenges as we work towards a healthier Chicago. ChiVes includes an interactive map and cleaned, integrated, downloadable data from dozens of sources. Community reports can be generated for quick insights into key metrics, and more Chicago environmental apps are highlighted in the Resource Guide. Contribute by integrating data directly; sharing resources; and/or web development.

Current release leads will demo the mapping application and the work behind it, and discuss building community connections through open data projects.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.