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#507 Online - SOYPE : Saving Our Youth from Prison via Education


Amira Kefi, Executive Director
Yolanda Franklin, Advisory Board
Laya Krishnan, Assistant Director for Development
Morris Chukhman, Assistant Director for Education Program
Vaibhav Chand, Assistant Director for Budget and Finance

SOYPE is an organization of a group of students and professionals volunteering to run an education project in partnership with the Cook county juvenile center and help break the prison cycle via education. This project is currently run remotely via Zoom. SOYPE members operate from around the world! Most of the volunteers work from the comfort of their homes but they do have feet on the ground in Chicago.

The mission of SOYPE is to help our young people in and outside of juvenile detention centers learn skills (technical, non-technical and life skills) that help them break the cycle of criminal behavior and become productive members of society. SOYPE vision is to run training programs for youth across the country and help support their transition to self sufficiency and success.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.