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#515 Online: Injustice Watch's #CheckYourJudges election guide


Jonah Newman (he/him), Injustice Watch managing editor
Bea Malsky (she/her), software engineer

Judges are the elected officials that you’re most likely to come into contact with. Whether you’re getting a divorce, fighting a traffic ticket, suing over an injury, settling a loved one’s estate, or facing criminal charges, a judge is involved — and their decisions can be life-changing. Yet there are few places to get information about these public officials when they run for election. That’s why Injustice Watch, a nonprofit newsroom in Chicago focused on issues of equity and justice in the courts, created the #CheckYourJudges judicial election guide.

Jonah Newman, Injustice Watch’s managing editor, and Bea Malsky, a software engineer at the New York Times, will talk about the research and reporting that goes into the guide and how they built it in English and Spanish with dynamically updated campaign finance data and an emphasis on accessibility.

There are 61 judges on the ballot in Cook County this November. Come learn how you can #CheckYourJudges before you vote.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.