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#536 Online: Choosing the path of wandering - Math Circles of Chicago


Sara Rezvi, (she/they), Program Director & Doctoral Candidate, Math Circles of Chicago

The mission of the Math Circles of Chicago (MC2) is to create opportunities for all children across Chicago to develop a passion for mathematics as an afterschool enrichment program. In ten years MC2 has grown dramatically, with programs in 50 sites around the city serving more than 1,000 children. MC2 has developed partnerships with community centers, homeless and domestic violence shelters, other STEM organizations, universities, and schools, and hosts annual events like our annual math symposium, QED.

Sara Rezvi, program director of MC2, will present on the work of MC2 including three segments: (1) A rationale for teaching and engaging mathematics through student centered experiences and joyfulness (2) The development of our diverse teaching staff to promote high quality learning experiences for our children; and (3) the ongoing development of the activity plans we use across our sites.