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#537 Online: Native Land Digital - Online Cartography for La LLakta


Victor Sauca (he/him), Research Lead at Native Land Digital

Victor started working for Native Land Digital in 2018 as a research assistant. Since then, until around early 2020 he was in charge of mapping, drawing and adding new traditional territory maps, languages and treaty maps and updating the existing ones mostly around what is now called Alaska, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. After that time until now his work focuses primarily on research concerning the traditional territories and languages of the Indigenous Nations and Peoples from Mexico, including the Caribbean Islands, until Tierra de Fuego in Yagán Territory, Argentina.

Native Land facilitates a place on the digital space for the representation of Native or Indigenous Nations’ traditional territories with their languages and histories through cartography. As such it creates a contrasting space in relation to the form in which the current political divisions of those same territories are presented to the world. In this occasion Victor Sauca, Research Lead at NL, before embarking into new ventures within the organization will share his experience collecting the data to create such space and the impact it has had.