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#540 Online: Divesting from Despair: Building a transformative movement media ecosystem


Damon A Williams (he/him), Co-creator of AirGo, Co-Founder of Respair Production & Media
Daniel Kisslinger (he/him), Co-Creator of AirGo, Co-Founder of Respair Production & Media

AirGo is a weekly podcast and movement media hub in Chicago that reshapes the culture of the city and beyond for the more liberatory and creative. Through longform conversations with movement workers, artists, rappers, poets, musicians, organizers, and changemakers, AirGo puts Chicago’s reimaginers in conversation and creates a living dialogue-based archive of our creative communities and social movements. In this session, co-creators Damon and Daniel lead a explore how AirGo creates an anticolonial archive of dialogue-based media, and the unique importance of movement media in the fight for a liberated future.

Damon A Williams (he/him) is the co-creator of AirGo, co-founder of Respair Production & Media, and a movement builder, artist, educator and media maker from the south side of Chicago. He is also the co-director of the #LetUsBreathe Collective, an artistic activist organization with the mission of utilizing cultural production and popular education to redistribute power and resources, eradicate systemic violence, and transform inequity.

Daniel Kisslinger (he/him) is the co-creator of AirGo, co-founder of Respair Production & Media, and a Chicago-based host and producer who creates dialogue-based media showcasing the stories, voices, and artworks of communities challenging power, reconfiguring public life, and reimagining our world. A twice Webby-nominated podcast producer, he has also produced podcasts for the Poetry Foundation, Chicago Teachers Union, and many others. He also serves as a consultant helping organizations, individuals, and companies build humanizing, subject-to-subject podcasts from scratch.