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#580 Online: Borderless Investigation - Inhumane Conditions at Chicago’s Largest Shelter


Mauricio Peña, Editorial Director of Borderless (he/him)

Some 36,000 migrants have arrived by bus or plane since August 2022. Over the last 18 months, city officials have struggled to house thousands of migrants bused in from Texas and other border states.

Inside the city’s largest shelter, migrants have detailed harsh living conditions, mistreatment from staff, spoiled food and rampant illness. The experiences of migrants inside the Pilsen shelter offer a glimpse inside the city’s network of emergency shelters hurriedly opened to house the migrants.

Three days after Borderless’s investigation, a five-year-old died of Sepsis and other infectious diseases. A second investigation found that early warning signs about the conditions inside the city’s shelter were ignored.

Mauricio Peña, Editorial Director of Borderless, will discuss his reporting and the impact it has had.