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#591 Online: Ward Wise - Neighborhood Infrastructure Spending In Chicago

Livestream @ 7pm Civic Hacking @ 8pm

Ever wonder why the alley behind your apartment gets resurfaced while the sidewalks on your block are left cracked and crumbling? What determines which infrastructure improvements are prioritized in your neighborhood? And how can you have a say?

Ward Wise is a Chi Hack Night breakout group working to empower Chicagoans by demystifying the city’s infrastructure spending. Using nearly two decades worth of data, they are performing analysis and crafting tools to make Chicago infrastructure engaging and understandable for the general public. Come learn what “menu money” is, explore the available options for new neighborhood infrastructure, and uncover actionable steps to engage in the decision-making process.

6:30pm: ChiCommons/Chi Hack Night Pre-Party
Socialize, touch base, and share what you plan on doing at Chi Hack Night

7:00pm - Livestream presentation
Announcements and feature presentation with Q&A

8:00pm - Civic hacking
3-word intros, community announcements & breakout group pitches

As always, our Code of Conduct will be in effect for this event.


Sean MacMullan (he/him)

7:00pm Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Chi Hack Night YouTube Livestream