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You Matter, State Matters

You Matter, State Matters

Logan Square Hack Night is a monthly civic engagement event to build, share & learn about civic tech in a local neibhorhood instead of downtown!


State Matters is a new non-profit that focuses on creating engaging content to inform indivduals about state level politics in Illinois.

Kacie Smith and others from State Matters will lead a discussion about the importance and effect of state politics and how to raise awareness of how local issues are represented on our ballot.

We’ll have a fun conversation and get to the nitty-gritty of what makes our ballots so confusing and brainstorm new ways to boost voter excitement. We’ll also be talking about Ballot Parties we’ll be hosting in the fall for the midterms and looking for lots of additional hosts like you!

Bring your idea-full minds and join the conversation. People with all levels of political knowledge are welcome.

Can’t make it, but still have ideas to share? Take our poll here:

Breakout Groups

People are invited to break off into groups and work on projects, discuss potential ideas, and share their skills. Members of the Chi Hack Night community will be on site to run several of their breakout groups.

Food will be provided.

Agenda and meeting notes
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