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How to wield your power with care! (LSQHN#8)

How to wield your power with care! (LSQHN#8)

Logan Square Hack Night is a monthly civic engagement event to build, share & learn about civic tech in a local neibhorhood instead of downtown!


As a creative problem solver working on a complex social issue, have you ever stopped to wonder where the power lies in your project? What has the client trusted you to do and for what audience? How does your place of power (as a creator and an individual) hinder your ability to relate to that client and audience? We often use power unknowingly in creative work. But, when we recognize the influence of our training, politics, access, and privilege we allow ourselves to understand our client, user, and abilities more deeply. During this intimate conversation, George Aye of Greater Good Studio will help us understand the mechanics of power and how to wield it with care.

Breakout Groups

People are invited to break off into groups and work on projects, discuss potential ideas, and share their skills. Members of the Chi Hack Night community will be on site to run several of their breakout groups.

Food will be provided.

Agenda and meeting notes
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