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Lets throw a Ballot Party!

Lets throw a Ballot Party!

Logan Square Hack Night is a monthly civic engagement event to build, share & learn about civic tech in a local neighborhood instead of downtown!


Researching your ballot is frustrating and time-consuming. State Matters is providing simple, educational materials so you can host a Ballot Party with your friends and neighbors and make preparing to vote a fun, social and stress-free experience. Anyone can sign up to host a Ballot Party!

But, of course, the best way to learn something is to live it! That’s why we’re going to throw our very own Ballot Party!

Prepare for a fun and interactive time eating food, socalizing, and discussing the issues presented on our upcoming ballot.

We’ll also have educational materials and swag on hand to help inspire you to host your own party and spread those positive electoral vibes!

About State Matters

State Matters works with artists to create nonpartisan, educational videos and graphics that explain how state and local government works, break down the most impactful, state legislation being proposed in Springfield, and help Illinoisans engage with their representatives and advocate for their interests.

Breakout Groups

People are invited to break off into groups and work on projects, discuss potential ideas, and share their skills. Members of the Chi Hack Night community will be on site to run several of their breakout groups.

Food will be provided, but feel free to bring food and drink potluck party style!

Agenda and meeting notes
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