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#177 RideW/Me: A Transportation App for Youth

RideW/Me: A Transportation App for Youth

As youth educator, Jackie Moore explains, “A teen can’t safely travel down Halsted Street from one end to the other, which is one bus ride, without at some point feeling fearful.”

To get at this issue, a team has been convening at Hive Chicago Learning Network monthly meetups, Chi Hack Night weekly meetups, yearly hack days like Hive Chicago Buzz and the Center for Neighborhood Technology Urban Sustainability Apps Challenge and created RideW/Me.

RideW/Me is an app that makes it easier for youth to travel safely to learning events across their City.

Robert Friedman, Marina Malone, Chris Bohl, Kevin Yaroch from the RideW/Me team will demo their app and talk about how it will test whether transportation is a real or perceived barrier to equitable access and participation for young people in a city.

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