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#231 Post-Election Community Feedback Session

Post-Election Community Feedback Session

Suddenly, everything has changed.

With the stunning election of Donald Trump as our next president, much of what we thought we knew about our country, the technology we use every day, and even ourselves, has been turned upside down.

So, where does Chi Hack Night and the broader civic tech community go from here?

That’s where you come in. Last year, around this time, we held our first ever community feedback session. This week, we’re doing it again.

We’ll break into groups and focusing on these broad questions:

  1. How are you feeling about community and government right now?

  2. There is a lot of anger and resentment in Chicago and America today. How can we as a community of civic technologists direct it towards positive action?

  3. What don’t you understand about our government and civil society that you’d like to learn more about?

  4. What groups or organizations need help the most, and how can we help them?

Afterwards, we’ll read out the different ideas from each category and then discuss implementing them at …

Leadership Council #30

We will have our 30th Chi Hack Night Leadership Council at after the community feedback session. Anyone is welcome to join!

We’ll record everything on the Leadership Council agenda and notes.

Agenda and meeting notes
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