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#398 Hacking Imagination: Participatory Futures during a Pandemic


Dr. John A. Sweeney Director, Qazaq Research Institute for Futures Studies Foresight Advisor, INTERPOL

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In 2019, NESTA, a global innovation agency based in the UK, commissioned research on participatory futures approaches. A global team compiled over 400 cases from around the world featuring an arrange of analog, tech-driven, and hybrid approaches, methods, and tools for engaging civil society in thinking about the future. As with most projects, a report was produced, although only a small percentage of the content from our scan was included in the final report. In order to promote engagement on this topic and also to support further engagement, the team that undertook the original research is currently looking to develop an open-source map that provides an interface for exploring all the cases.

Additionally, core team members developed a game that focuses on how to design more impactful, imaginative, and inclusive participatory futures engagements. This presentation provides a brief introduction to the project, outlines a few of the cases, and concludes with an overview of the game, which is available as an open-source download here. Following the Q&A, participants are invited to play the game using Miro, an online whiteboard platform.

ASL This event will not have an American Sign Language interpreter.