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#404 Actions Towards Racial Justice - Part II

Actions Towards Racial Justice - Part II

Chi Hack Nights are now remote! You can participate from anywhere with an internet connection!

After our 400th episode group discussion on Actions Towards Racial Justice, we received overwhelming feedback that people wanted to continue the conversation and create a space for productive conversation around racial justice, equity and being anti-racist.

For our 404th episode, we will gather again via Zoom call to discuss constructive ways our community can support efforts to end racial injustice.

Join the Zoom call at 7pm:

If you weren’t at our last conversation, that’s ok! But it would be a good idea to watch Heidi Massey and Prerna Abbi-Scanlon’s presentation on Envisioning Equity: Being Nice Is Not Enough to get some background on being anti-racist.

We will follow the same format as we did for our 400th episode. For a large portion of the discussion, we will be splitting up into affinity groups. You can read more about what affinity groups are in this context and why that is important here.

The topics we will be focusing on in our breakout discussions are:

  • Check in: Why are you here? What brought you here today? How are you feeling? How have you been processing since the last larger 400th meeting?
  • Based on the prior conversations, what have you learned/done recently? How have you committed yourself to any changes in your life? Where do you see yourself making changes if you have yet to do so? What thoughts have you had? What keeps coming back to you? What has the process of self-education been for you?
  • How do these topics/conversations show up in your daily life/ the communities you’re a part of? How do they not show up?
  • What can we do collectively as the Chi Hack Night community? What do those actions look like?

We want to be clear that the primary focus of this time will be to process how we are all feeling and what actions we are taking or thinking of taking. We do not expect to begin and end this discussion in a single conversation, and we are not going to leave this conversation with all the answers.

Afterwards, we’ll come back together and share out what each group discussed and identify next steps that we can take as a community.

Bonus: ChiCommons presents Chi Hack Night Pre-Party

Grab your dinner or a drink and join us at 6:30pm before Chi Hack Night to socialize, touch base, and share what you plan on doing at Chi Hack Night tonight!

Join the pre-party at 6:30pm on Zoom